The Year of Relationships

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Can you believe it? The New Year has come and gone, and somehow, tomorrow is the last day of January! As we reflect on the events, travels, and projects that filled 2014, we are filled with gratitude. From new relationships formed during Engage and The Inner Circle Experience, to celebrating with long-time friends at our “Evening of Brilliance” dinner with Simon T. Bailey, countless moments of connectivity made 2014 unforgettable.

[An Evening of Brilliance // photo: Stephen Karlisch, Karlisch Photography]

DFW Events Brilliance Dinner

In December we soft-launched our new website, a platform we’re looking forward to continuing to develop in 2015. We also introduced a new side of our DFW acronym: Destinations, Fêtes, Weddings. While our boots and our roots are firmly established in Dallas/Fort Worth, we’re beyond excited that our expanded “DFW” allows us to better communicate with local, national, and international clients alike about who we are and what kind of events we produce, from Dallas to Denver to Dubai!

[Team DFW Events // photo: David and Luke Edmonson, Edmonson Weddings]


No matter where in the world we’re working, it’s a joy and a privilege when our clients entrust us with the task of bringing their dreams to life—something we couldn’t do without each and every one of our vendors and event partners. That’s exactly why we’ve dubbed 2015 “The Year of Relationships” at DFW Events. It’s our goal to be intentional about reaching out and showing our caterers, design mavens, rental gurus, photographers, florists, and clients just exactly how much they mean to us in 2015 and beyond—a theme we were thrilled to begin celebrating at last night’s launch party for Volume II of the Dallas Wedding Collective book!

[Dallas Wedding Collective // photos: John Cain Sargent, John Cain Photography]

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Many congratulations to John and each and every member of the Collective. We feel incredibly blessed to be part of the wedding industry in Dallas, and can’t wait to pour back into the artists and creatives that inspire us on a daily basis. From our team to yours, cheers to 2015 and The Year of Relationships! We have a feeling it’s going to be one of the best yet.