Vendor Spotlight: BEYOND

Vendor Spotlight

Imagine an outdoor reception without café lights; a dance floor without a monogram spotlight; an oversized ballroom minus the ambiance. In these scenarios and so many others, it’s easy to see how lighting so often serves as the finishing touch and pièce de résistance when it comes to event decor!

images courtesy of BEYOND featuring DFW Events productions past and present! | photo: Stephen Karlisch

That being said, we are thrilled today to shine the (figurative) spotlight on BEYOND, a vendor that has (literally) done the very same for our clients on countless occasions! In addition to their gorgeous lighting work, BEYOND provides top-notch audio and video services that always bring out the best in the events we produce. We could go on and on about all the reasons we love working with this team, but instead, why not meet them for yourself?


Company: BEYOND

Years in business: 9 – BEYOND made its business debut as Lite Dallas in 2006, and kept the name for 5 years until debuting their current moniker in 2010 (the eve of their 10-year anniversary!)

History in the industry: Collectively, the BEYOND team has over 25 years of experience in the world of weddings and events.

photo: David Edmonson, Edmonson Weddings | more from this 50th fête here


What does a typical day at the BEYOND office look like? “It’s never the same! Some days things are quiet and everyone is working at their desks (which, let’s be honest, sometimes includes video games). Other days we are creating and building the next custom lighting install for a weekend event, testing our newest video equipment, or working hard to help a client with a last minute request. Of course, some days include all of the above…in just one day!”

What are we likely to find the BEYOND team doing on the day of an event? “You’ll find us working hard and communicating with the client on-site to make sure that everything, from lighting to audio to video, is surpassing the client’s expectation!”

photo: Stephen Karlisch 

What sets BEYOND apart in the industry? “Our customer service and attention to detail.”

Why is lighting important at a wedding or an event? “No matter what type of event, lighting is a great way to transform the room; it plays a very important part of the overall décor. Pinspots, specifically when floral is involved, are a MUST. Floral is too beautiful to get missed in the room, and with a little white light the arrangements just pop!”

photo: Carter Rose, F8 Studio

What about audio and video? “The quality of audio is very important, especially for the ceremony. You never want the guests to miss the beautiful words being shared between the bride and groom. Video is a great way to capture that moment, have it for a lifetime, and – with the help of social media – share it with friends and family!”

Three things people probably don’t know about the BEYOND team: “One: BEYOND’s corporate name is You Know What, Inc. Yes, that is what your caller ID says when we call. Two: Our Instagram handle might be @beyondldtx, but our company name is just BEYOND, not BEYOND LD. The ‘LD’ does not stand for Lite Dallas or Lighting Design. Unfortunately, the URL was simply already taken! Three: Melissa Rolls Weyer was the first employee of BEYOND. Bonus: The company began out of Ryan Kelley’s garage in Denison, Texas.”

photo: Jason Kindig Photography  | more from this 60th birthday celebration here

Now that you’ve had a chance to meet the team and see examples of their work, we think you’ll agree that BEYOND’s name is a complete reflection of their history of going above and beyond in everything they do!