Vendor Spotlight: Barbara McAfee

Vendor Spotlight

It’s time for another vendor spotlight, and today we are so thrilled to celebrate our dear friend Barbara McAfee at Ducky-Bob’s! There is no such thing as an “event disaster” thanks to Barbara. If anything threatens to go awry she is always willing to go above and beyond for our team, ensuring that our clients get hitched without a hitch! When she arrives on the scene she truly brings the magic with her—just one sprinkle of Barbara’s fairy dust and everything falls into place for a seamless event experience. Read on to learn more about the “making of the magic” and experience a day in the life of Barbara McAfee!



photos: courtesy of Ducky-Bob’s


Name: Barbara McAfee

Title/Position: Senior Account Manager at Ducky-Bob’s

Years in business: 17

How did you first get involved with the wedding/event industry? “I actually started as a part-time cater waiter to earn extra money. It didn’t take long before I was hooked and working in the industry full time.”

Favorite thing about what you do: “Definitely the wonderful clients I get to work with!”

Most memorable moment on the job: “There have been so many but one of the most memorable jobs ever was a few years ago. It was sponsored by a major carpet manufacturer; we set up a huge pole tent to host 400 participants simultaneously throwing pies at each other—and set a new Guinness World Record. Needless to say, the carpet was covered in pie but demonstrated how well the stain guard worked! We on the other hand were scrubbing pie off the tents for a week—priceless!”

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What does a typical day in your life look like? “That’s the thing I love about this industry—every day is different. I could do a corporate presentation in the morning, attend an industry lunch event, and then out to the middle of a field to measure for a tent in the afternoon!”

What sets Ducky-Bob’s apart in the industry? “The depth of knowledge and experience. It doesn’t hurt that as part of the Classic family we have the largest inventory in the event industry.”

Where did the name Ducky-Bob’s actually come from? “Bob Fernberg owned a tool rental company for several years. In the mid 70’s his wife, ‘Ducky,’ suggested they branch out into event rentals and Ducky-Bob’s was born. Ducky is actually credited with being the first in Dallas to offer round table linens!”

What is the most unique request a bride has ever had for her wedding, and how did your team fulfill it? “Several years ago a bride wanted her guests to be greeted with penguins. What could Ducky Bob’s do but set up a climate controlled tent to house them?”

Three things people probably don’t know about you: “I am a certified diver, I can sew (although I don’t find the time very often), and I love, love, love snow!”