The Making of the 2015 DFW Events Holiday Card

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FINAL DFW EVENTS NY Card Image - front

[DFW Events 2015 holiday card | All photos by David and Luke Edmonson, Edmonson Weddings]

Remember that MTV show, Making the Band? Today’s blog post is just like that, except that instead of focusing on how to form a singing group, we’re taking you behind the scenes of the 2015 DFW Events holiday card! The truth is that our photo shoot would not have happened without the help, creativity, and direction of our friends. So without further ado, we’ll turn this post over to Mary-Frances and the industry pros that joined forces to bring her whimsical vision to life!

DFW Events NY Card 2015 - Inside gold preview copy

Mary-Frances Hurt, Founder and CEO of DFW Events
“‘Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.’ As soon as I heard this quote, I knew it perfectly represented this photo shoot and the creative artists that helped bring my whimsical vision to life. On the day of the shoot I went to the costume shop and picked up some things just for fun, and David Edmonson brought a few props just for fun, but it was up to everyone’s imagination to make it all come together. That’s exactly why this quote pairs so well with our concept and the message inside the holiday card —to have a whimsical 2015, to dream big, and to let your creativity and imagination guide you toward accomplishments you didn’t even know you were capable of.”
1-01David and Luke Edmonson, Photographers
“No matter how ‘out of the box’ someone’s dream is, the team of DFW Events and Stage Works knows how to make your dream come true! Our favorite memory from this shoot was the concept session and brainstorming with Gail, MF, and Nelson. Their ability to translate ideas into reality is a kindred spirit of ours!”

Maitee Miles, Hair and Makeup
“If Alice in Wonderland was a wedding coordinator, this is what a day in her life would look like! With that as my inspiration, I wanted to showcase smooth control and clean lines with animated color—pastel eye shadow, dark winged liner, big lashes, and rosy cheeks and lips. I kept the hair as close as possible to the natural preference of each individual girl in order to let her personality shine through. Keeping polish with a little flair of color and animation helped transform the look from formal to whimsical.”
2-01John Cain Sargent, Creative Direction
“My favorite memory from this shoot was driving with Mary-Frances to Fort Worth to scout Nelson’s space and develop the concept. Before any of the production, hearing MF, David and Luke, and Nelson all discuss what could possibly happen was pretty inspiring. The dreaming was endless. Then came applying those ideas to actual possibilities. You’d be amazed by what Nelson can build. It was all about answering the question, ‘What can we create?’—how often do we get to work like that?”


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Special thanks to John Cain Photography, Edmonson Weddings, Maitee Miles, Stage Works, Fauxcades, Beyond, and Frosted Art for turning this vision into reality!