Event Preview: The 24 All Star Chef Classic Benefiting Dallas 24 Hour Club

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Now’s the time to save the date (and work up an appetite) for October 16, the date of The 24 All Star Chef Classic! We are thrilled to be producing the event, which will feature fabulous bites and sips from 24 of Dallas’ top chefs and culinary stars (Sean Frye, John Tesar, Richard Blankenship, John Coleman, and Mico Rodriguez just to name a few), world class entertainment from Jordan Kahn, and more!

2015 Chef Classic photos: Holt Haynsworth

Chef Classic_Holt Haynsworth

Chef Classic_Holt HaynsworthTerry Kranz_Chef Classic_Holt HaynsworthChef Classic_Holt HaynsworthChef Classic_Holt Haynsworth

What we’re most excited about celebrating, however, is the purpose of the Chef Classic and event founder Terry Kranz’s personal story of overcoming addiction. The successful owner of T.K. Culinary has catered many events produced by our team, and we could not be more honored to share his story today on the blog. Read on for our interview with Terry and be sure to snag one of the last remaining event tickets using the link below!

Terry and Mary-Frances | photo: John Cain Photography

Founder of The 24 All Star Chef Classic + Owner of T.K. Culinary

How did you get involved with Dallas 24 Hour Club?

“I was the original party boy for a very long time. On paper I have a ninth grade education, although I did complete my GED, and at 20 years old while living in California I realized I had been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole for a very long time. I thought that if I could just get the right job, or the right girlfriend, that things would improve—meanwhile, I had been in and out of jail many times. It was a cycle that I couldn’t seem to get out of, so in 1995, I moved to Dallas and bounced around between different family members. My brother finally one day just dropped me off at Dallas 24 Hour Club, which is what started my journey to recovery. I lived there as I went in and out of rehabs and detoxes and tried to make sober ‘stick.’ My car was repossessed, I was unemployable, and I didn’t believe in a 12-step program at all. But finally, I met my sponsor and I started to do the work. I got involved with my home group and my life took off. I have since served on the Board of Directors twice at Dallas 24 Hour Club, and have been given a life far beyond anything I could have imagined. The 24 Hour Club is a huge part of my self worth.”

Tell us about how the Chef Classic got started.

“Marsha Williamson [Executive Director of Dallas 24 Hour Club] came to me three years ago and said, ‘Hey, we’re going to do a 45 year anniversary event.’ I offered for my chef to participate, and the next thing you know all of the best chefs in Dallas had jumped on board. We raised $30,000 the first year, $100,000 last year, and this year we’re hoping to raise $150-$250,000. It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

How have you personally benefited from Dallas 24 Hour Club?

“24 Hour Club has given me everything I have. Today I own a catering company, I do the best events in the world, and I’m respected. What really drives me now is to show another alcoholic that it’s possible to make it out. There are three sides to the 12-step model—unity, service, and recovery—and today the 24 Hour Club and Chef Classic have given me that service aspect. I have my work life, but I also have my charitable life, and that’s a big part of who and what I am today.”

Click video to watch a performance by Jordan Kahn!

Event Details:

What: The 24 All Star Chef Classic, benefiting Dallas 24 Hour Club
When: Sunday, October 16, 2016 | 5:30-8:30 pm
Where: Dallas Woman’s Forum, 4607 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas, 75204
Tickets: http://www.24allstarchefclassic.com/tickets
Mission: Dallas 24 Hour Club provides safe, sober transitional living for homeless men and women seeking a brand new life away from alcohol and drugs.