Dom Loves Mary Font :: By Debi Sementelli

Dom Loves Mary :: Another stunning font available for purchase by Debi Sementelli of Lettering Art Studio!!  Dom Loves Mary was inspired by and created in memory of Debi’s in-laws, Dominic and Mary Sementelli.

THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE FONT:  Dom and Mary were opposites who were truly “made for each other”. A snazzy dresser, Mary was feisty, loved to dance, sing, and be the life of the party. Dom was cool, calm and collected and was happy to shine the spotlight on the love of his life. They balanced each other out in a really great way.  Going through some of her in-laws old photos, Debi found their wedding album. She was struck by the beautiful look on their faces as they got ready to start their life together. She saw the excitement, joy and anticipation of them envisioning “Una Bella Vita!” (A beautiful life!).  She decided to create a hand-lettered font with them in mind represented by two totally different lettering styles that were, like Dom and Mary, “made for each other”. It’s her way of honoring them and sharing their beautiful life with all of the couples just starting theirs together.

WHAT’S UNIQUE ABOUT THE DOM LOVES MARY FONT FAMILY:  Made with the wedding client in mind, the DomLovesMary font family has all you need to create unique, custom wedding invitations and signage.  This hand lettered font family consist of two different fonts with lettering styles that were made to compliment each other. With a vintage feel, the three versions of SCRIPT fonts are classic and elegant, while the TEXT font serves to offer support with easy to read simplicity.  In addition to the standard character set, each of the uniquely styled script fonts includes a collection of FLOURISHED ORNAMENTS. These can be used to create corners, headers or other embellishments to complete the look.  Debi also created two sets of 72 ADDITIONAL FLOURISHES that were specifically made to add to upper and lower case letters for easy customization. Dress them up with one, two or more. It’s like choosing simple pearls or piling on the glitz! Or combine several to create unique flourished ornaments of your own.  To add even more panache, Debi designed a set of the most frequently used wedding ADD-ON WORDS.  This set of 66 includes words and saying to fill out your invitation suite: RSVP, Respond, Save the Date, Accommodations, Directions and more! Plus envelope friendly titles: Mr and Mrs, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Doctor and the Doctors.  You can easily create Bride and Groom signs or Thank You tags with the click of a key.  While angled words like “and, at, to, on, for, from and of” were made to add a special touch to your designs.
Congratulations Debi on creating another fabulous font!  We (and our clients) love working with you!!
{Purchase Dom Loves Mary here}
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