Destination Spotlight :: Little Dix Bay (Virgin Gorda)

While Alison was on her FAM trip to Rosewood’s Jumby Bay last April, she took advantage of her surroundings and made the 1 1/2 flight from Antigua to visit Rosewood’s Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gordan, BVI.  Alison and her husband, Brent, actually honeymooned at Little Dix Bay a little over 3 years ago!

Rosewood’s Little Dix Bay is a truly authentic destination, tamed for sophisticated tastes. The timeless boutique resort on Virgin Gorda offers tranquility found nowhere else in the Caribbean. Little Dix rewards its discerning guests with an instantaneous retreat from their fast-paced lives – an unmatched Caribbean vacation getaway offering fine dining, an award-winning spa, luxury villas and beachfront rooms and suites.  It is an island of rolling hills, beautiful isolated beaches and spectacular geological formations surrounded by astonishing clear waters of the historic Sir Francis Drake Channel. The world-famous Baths of Virgin Gorda, unsurpassed sailing and numerous unpopulated islands nearby to explore and snorkel by combine to make Virgin Gorda a Caribbean vacation destination like no other.  Little Dix Bay will provide you with an unforgettable destination wedding experience while you and your guests lie back and enjoy the many splendors of this most legendary Caribbean resort!

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